20 February 2011

Coffee Can Interfere The Stability of Woman's Breasts

Many people like to drink coffee to fight drowsiness while must stay up or wake up early. But women should limit consumption of coffee, because coffee is not suitable for a woman's breasts. Why?

A study by Swedish scientists in 2008 found that drinking three cups of coffee a day may reduce breast size women.

"Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size," said Helena Jernstroem, a lecturer in experimental oncology at Lund University in Sweden.

According to him, a clear link between drinking coffee and breast size is because about half of the female population has a certain gene that makes fat tissue to shrink from too much coffee.

"But not to worry, the coffee does not make breasts shrink overnight. Her breasts were only going to get smaller, but the breast will not be lost," continued Jernstroem.

Not only can decrease the breast, caffeine in coffee in large quantities can cause hormone levels fluctuate so that the cause
pain and cysts in the breast.

Here are some other bad effects on the breast due to caffeine:

1. Breast lumps
Caffeine can cause fibrocystic breast, which contains cells that collect fluid in the cysts that often make a lump or lumps in the breast. The characters in the form of lumps that move freely round the breast. These lumps are often tender to the touch.

These lumps can be either permanent or temporary. The symptoms will get worse before menstruation and early pregnancy. Fibrocystic breast because caffeine intake usually does not increase breast cancer risk.

2. Pain in breast
Besides causing lumps, caffeine also causes discomfort and pain in the breast. Caffeine intake can aggravate the pain if you already suffer from fibrocystic breast before. According to the Georgetown University Department of Medicine, this pain can come continuously or only occasionally.

3. Breasts are solid
Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center showed that a high intake of caffeine that causes breast fibrocystic changes can also cause certain regions in a dense breast.

To avoid lumps in the breast occur, should reduce and stop the habit mengonsumi coffee. In addition, high-fiber diet, eating seafood as well as intake of vitamin A, vitamin E and iodine can also prevent the occurrence of breast cysts.