05 April 2010

Ingredients :
1 pack instant Japan noodle
500 ml chicken broth
1sp vegetable oil

Bolognaise Tuna NoodleTopping :
2 sp vegetable oil
2 clove garlic, chop it
1 can tuna in vegetable oil
1 can mushroom, slice it thinly
3 sp instant prego
1 tsp tomato paste
50 ml chicken broth

Preparation :
  1. Boil the chicken broth, then put the Japan noodle in it, cook it until soft, lift it up and rinse it.
  2. Fire up the vegetable oil, then sauté the garlic until smells good, add tuna and all other ingredients, mix it until the ingredients absorbed, lift it up.
  3. Serve it while still hot.


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