19 November 2009

Chicken Caramel ala VietnamIngredients :
900 g chicken fillet, cut dice
2 sp vegetable oil

Ingredients for merge (merge seasoning) :
1 tsp sugar
2 sp fish sauce
2 sp shallots, sliced
2 sp garlic, slices
1 tsp black pepper
1 green chili
40 g ginger, cut into small piece and squeeze it

Chicken Caramel ala VietnamCaramel sauce :
200 g sugar palm
4 tsp fish sauce
750 ml chicken broth
1 red chili, cut in two pieces
1 tsp lime squeeze
1 cinnamon (5 cm) (as you like)
1 tsp black pepper (as you like)

Topping :
2.5 cm ginger, cut it thin
2 sheets spring onion
5 sheets coriander leave

Preparation :
Mix chicken fillet with the merge seasonings for one hour.
  • Make sauce : cook sugar until become caramel and the color turns out become dark brown. Add fish sauce, chicken broth, red chili and lime squeeze. Add ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper.
  • In other wok, saute the merged chicken until the sugar turns out become brown. Pour the caramel sauce to the chicken and cook it until cooked. Raise it.
  • Decorate your dish with sliced ginger, spring onion, and coriander leaf.
  • Serve it with warm rice.


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