02 July 2009

Grape is not only processed to be wine, but this fruit also had benefits for health. After get through many research, grape known can give positive effect for our body. Here are the benefits :

Red Wine Good for Hearth
Start from French Paradox hypothesis that death rate because of heart disease/problem in America is higher than French, whereas blood pressure and cholesterol level of French people is higher than American people. After observation, there is connection between French people habits that consume red wine every day.

Research showed that red wine contains flavonoid, a substance like vitamin which contained in the peel. Flavonoid had antioxidant properties which can inhibits LDL oxidation on coroner venous. Flavonoid often found in grape fruit (with grape peel), that’s why consume red wine can give protection for heart. Many people who make grape juice throw away the seed, well, this was wrong action. Actually, third of the flavanoid content is located in the seed.

Still for diabetic patients, they should be careful with the sugar content in that juice because 20-25 % of grape contents is sugar. And we cannot drink more than 60 ml/day each day.

Grape Juice Cure Many Diseases
It’s genuine that grape can cure many diseases because this fruit had lots of vitamin inside it. Grape is very good for them who always do physical and psychological activity in their daily life because grape can reduce and omit weary and anemia.

Iron and sugar content remove and discharge residue in our body. That’s why, grape is medicine for people who suffer from kidney disease, liver disease, and gastro intestinal disease.

Grape juice is very suggested for people who had migraine, joint inflammation, small intestinal inflammation, rheumatic and poisoning. Besides, grape can clean up your blood so it’s very good for your skin beauty. In fact, chemical substance inside it can prevent you from skin cancer.

Grape Fight Cancer Cell
Just like said before, delicious grape is very useful against cancer cell. But, compare with consuming grape supplement, the best way to get the best result is ear the grape whole fruit because 10 types of flavonoid in grape work together inhibits enzyme that manage gene in cell. Not only that, flavanoid also uses to stimulate growth and production of cell in body. Enzyme inhabitation also can kill cell cancer.

Grape contains Antioxidant
Recently, there are so many people talking about free radical, because free radical can cause you many disease. Antioxidant also said can ward off the negative effect of free radical. But, don’t you know that one of the best sources for antioxidant is from grape seed? Yes, grape seed contains protective component for brain, heart, lungs and backbone ( International Chemical Congress at Honolulu).

Research also showed that grape seed extract can repair your blood circulation and lower eye disorder also known as makula, the root cause of blindness. To get the benefits income for your health, you should consume 50 mg of grape seed or 0.75 kg grape fruit.


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