04 July 2009

Ingredients :
300 gr beef meat, boiled, dice cut
3 stalk lemongrass
1 sheet turmeric leaf, cut into 3 pieces
4 sheet of lime leaf
75 g rice powder, dissolve in few water
½ tsp starch, dissolve it in few water
500 ml air

Seasonings :
10 clove onions
6 clove garlic
6 piece red pepper (lombok besar)
2 piece chili (cabai rawit)
1 sp coriander powder
1 tsp caraway seed powder
5 cm turmeric
4 cm ginger
2 cm galangale
salt sufficiently
pepper powder sufficiently

Preparation :
  1. Boil water, put the meet into it
  2. Put the seasonings, turmeric leaf, lemongrass and lime leaf
  3. Cook until the seasonings mix homogenously and all the ingredients cooked
  4. Lift the meet, drain it
  5. Stick each skewer with 5 piece of meet and then roast it for a while on ember
  6. Cook the earlier beef broth then add into it dissolved rice powder and maize powder.
  7. Lift it up and serve. it with fried onion


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