09 July 2009

Recently, there are many people entrust their stomach business to a menu call instant noodle. Every shopping, most women put instant noodle in their requirement list, school children in board always keep noodle instant in their cabinet to prevent starving in the night, and hikers always bring noodle instant in their travel bag.

It’s natural if noodle instant in the good graces, because it’s so practical, fast, delicious and cheap. But, don’t you know that instant noodle have no appropriate nutrients and the ingredients is not good for pregnant woman and children, especially children under five.

Noodle, in Chinese people is a symbol for long age because it’s long and the raw material is medley. There are instant noodle, dry noodle, wet noodle, boiled noodle, which made from wheat, mihun (rice noodle), which made from rice flour and soun, which made from green peal starch flour.

There are also noodle made from combination of wheat flour and rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour or soba flour. But the most popular is of course noodle instant, with all brand, taste and flavor, in plastic polyethylene pack or even polystirene (stirofoam), in cup or bowl form.

Actually, noodle instant is very long, but in its process, noodle was folded, fried and dried in hot oven. This frying process make noodle contains oil. The main raw material of noodle instant is made from wheat flour and also use cooked oil, salt, polyphosphate sodium (emulsifier, stabilizer and thickening agent), sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate (both of them is acidity adjustment), tartrazine (yellow coloring agent).

Sometimes polyphosphate sodium mixed with guar gum. Other ingredients such as caramel, vegetable protein hydrocylate, ribotide, iron and maleat acid. And what is more, there are also food additives, which are chemical ingredients added into the manufacturing to make the noodle have certain properties.

The noodle spice for example, salt, sugar, red chili, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, soy bean sauce, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and luscious seasoning (chicken flavor, shrimp flavor, beef flavor). The stirofoam for noodle pack has been also presumed to be the root cause of cancer.
Though the risk health cause by the additive is can not been seen directly, but Arlene Eisenberg said, in her book called What to Eat When You're Expecting, pregnant woman should avoid food contain many additives. For children, those useless ingredients can slow down the digestion organ work.

If we see through the nutrient composition, noodle is high in calories, but very poor in other essential nutrient like vitamin, mineral and fiber.

If you want to have complete nutrients, you need to add vegetables such as cabbage, mustard green, tomato, broccoli, carrot, or sprout. You can also add meatball, shrimp, egg, sausage or cornet. You just have to put those ingredients into the pot while boiled your noodle, easy right? What you need to remember is you should not eat instant noodle every day. That could be very dangerous for your health.


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