04 July 2009

Drink lots of milk, because it’s healthy and able to reduce the risk for you to get intestinal cancer, said Dr Eunyoung Cho. His analysis explain 10 studies showed that 16 once milk can reduce threat of intestinal cancer until 12%.

Researchers from `Brigham and Women's Hospital` found that 16 once milk a day will reduce the risk of cancer until 12%. That number was analysis of 10 previous studies consist of 500,000 people who 5,000 among them had positive indication of intestinal cancer. Dr Eunyong Cho’s research issued on The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Intestinal cancer is the third biggest cause of death around the world. Previous study using animal as trial showed that calcium content in milk can protect that animal from cancer attack. Study on human also showed the same thing, consume calcium is very good to reduce cancer risk.

Each 1,000 mg increment a day or more will able to reduce 15% risk for women to get cancer and 10% for man. But, Dr Cho doesn’t found risk alleviation to get cancer by consume cheese and yoghurt which actually both of them were product that made from milk. While other study gave information that other products made from milk can increase the risk to get other cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Dr Richard Sullivan from Cancer Research England receive Dr Cho’s study as something new and interesting. Though Dr Sullivan said that the best way to reduce cancer risk is by eating balance diet between fruits, vegetables, to reduce fat accumulation.


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