01 July 2009

Consume alcohol drinks moderately can protect women from bone fragility. This statement was delivered by researchers from St Thomas Hospital London, England leads by Prof. Tim Spector, publicated in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Moderate consumption means consume eight units every week and that was a very small. Researchers count heavily on impact of consume alcohol moderately by measure bone density in hip and backbone.

Chemical liquid from the bone measured to determine fragility level which descent through urine. Prof. Tim Spector’s examination result also support the examination before which said that smoking make bones understate and stimulate osteoporosis.

Although undeniable, research team failed to show clearly what is the relation between bone production and consume alcohol. Prof. Tim Spector also said that too much drink alcohol had negative effect to bone structure.

"Alcohol was just like other medicine, works in certain level. Different people also give different effect and reaction. Continuous research was needed to determine the exact procedure so it can be make hay while the sun shines."

Last months, a survey showed that increasing of bone fragility risk make the risk of osteoporosis increase too. Survey showed that 1,683 women in Europe, age above 50 years old, about 47% from that number don’t realized that they had high risk to get osteoporosis.

Predictable, osteoporosis cases suck about 4.8 billion euro each year to treat in hospital. Bone damage usually not occur with symptoms for the beginning and osteoporosis can not be diagnosed until one year after the damage getting in serious condition.

Consume vitamin D said can become important substance to build a strong and healthy bone. You should consume vitamin D regularly then. Consult it first with your doctor to know the right dose for you.


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