06 July 2009

We are all know avocado, fruit that has soft green flesh with yummy taste... hmmmm. Yes, this fruit is suitable for all menu for daily healthy food. Not only for juice, ice cream, mixed ice, pudding but also for salad. Eat directly is great too.

Though the peel not pretty as apple or pear and the prize is cheap, but avocado had many benefits. It can reduce the risk to get stroke and hearth attack, because avocado is the only fruit which rich in fat, in fact the amount of fat is twice more than durian.

Even though, we don’t have to be afraid because the avocado’s fat is a healthy fat because it’s dominated with unsaturated fat, oleic acid which has strong antioxidant properties. Avocado fat helps to reduce the “bad cholesterol” level called LDL while increase the "good cholesterol” level called HDL.

This abilities also reinforce with exuberate beta-caroten, chlorophyll, vitamin E, and vitamin B-complex inside avocado. Vegetarian generally doesn’t get enough fat intake, because they prohibition with meat which rich in fat. Well then, beside cooking oil, avocado can be the best alternative to fulfill the body needs of fat.

Avocado fat is a healthy fat, just like fat in olive oil. It can control hypertension. Avocado rich in potassium, but the sodium level is low. This ration creates alkali inside our body.

The shrinkage of acidity in our body (blood and tissue) will suppress diseases that can appear, such as allergy, headache, panic, breath disorder, and digestion disorder. The high level of folic acid, potassium and vitamin E in avocado make this fruit more effective to soak hypertension and help to smooth blood circulation.

Different with other fruits, avocado almost contains no starch, contain less sugar, but rich in cellulose fiber. These factors make avocado suggested as one of the menu to control. An the most important thing is, avocado is very good for your skin and hair.

The Iron and chopper inside avocado is important for blood cell production and prevent anemia. Combination between vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, potassium and manganese make avocado good to keep skin and hair health. The folic acid and vitamin B can stimulate the collagen production in skin.

You should know that consume fresh avocado regularly without cooked is the best way to eat this fruit because the nutrients and other phyto-chemical substances still intact. But, still to remember that avocado contains fat which can make you gain weight.


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