18 April 2009

We need only six hundred million dollars for keep drinking it in future.

Many people do not fully appreciate the value of water. They prefer to choose oil right now. Can you imagine what is the prize of mineral water 10 years later? Water can be more expensive someday. The existence of civilization is possible without oil but without drinking water it’s impossible. Trust me.

In many countries the governments do not inform their citizens about the real situation with the drinking water reserves, especially in developing countries. Very soon all the world will watch the changes of prices on water. Countries with large water reserves and the ability to defend them will prevail on the political arena of the planet. They will set their own price for a liter of water.

Here the fact about our water
  1. More than 2,4 billion people live in critical sanitary conditions and have no proper facilities for purification of drinking water.
  2. Every year 3,4 million people die because of drinking water deficiency (mainly children). That considers diarrhea and enteric fever that children get infected with when drinking water from springs, ponds and rivers. Every year about 4 million children die from acute respiratory infections because of the air pollution.
  3. More than 15% of the citizens of Europe have no access at all to water that could be considered drinking.
  4. In the developing countries up to 250 million people a year suffering from acute poisoning with pesticides.
  5. More than 100 million people in Europe and North America suffer from air pollution.
  6. More than 20% of the planet’s population constantly suffers from allergies and 35% citizens of big industrial cities from illnesses which are a result of the negative impact of the polluted environment.
  7. In total, in 2025 one billion people will live in countries of absolute water deficiency.
  8. The population on the planet is growing and the drinking water reserve is getting shorter. By 2050 the planet’s population will grow 50% bigger up to 9.3 billion people /now it’s 6.1 billion/. What your children and grandchildren will drink? Water is already more expensive than oil in the 10-15 years. Will you have enough money for simple fresh water.
It is the time to save our planet, and our water, because water has already save us since million years ago.


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