16 April 2009

Instant coffee was first introduced in 1901 at the national fair in Buffalo. The invention gave rise to a great deal of controversy. The instant coffee still divides the world in two.

Instant coffee is actually dried brewed coffee, and freeze-dried coffee is frozen brewed coffee, then dried. May be for coffee lover, they would never want to drink instant coffee., but instant coffee can suits the needs of the occasional coffee drinker. It was one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a cup of coffee and has all of the characteristics that you would expect from a coffee. It has the caffeine kick that many coffee drinkers want from their coffee and has a coffee-like taste that admittedly pales.

How To Produce Instant Coffee?
Instant coffee is produced by placing wet coffee granules on large trays and freezing them. The air is then pulled out of the freezing chamber to prevent condensation, and the chamber is warmed. The resulting grounds are packaged for sale. But, what you should know is instant coffee use low-quality coffee beans for roasting and grinding, and the taste is generally substandard.

The History of Instant Coffee
The earliest version of instant coffee is invented around 1771 in Britain. The first time it was mass produced was in America around 1910 by George Constant Louis Washington. He accomplished a great feat and acquired a patent, but the instant coffee powder was perceived by most to be a novelty with a disagreeable taste. Today instant coffee still has a force in the market. Even the military still provides instant coffee powder for that much needed caffeine boost.

The Advantage of Having Instant Coffee
  1. The biggest advantage of instant coffee is that it is quick and easy to make. All you have to do is pour hot/boiled water into a cup with instant coffee crystals in it.
  2. Once a cup is poured, the person then has to stir the water and instant coffee crystals up to make a cup of coffee. You can add extra ingredients such as sugar, honey, or milk to the coffee for extra flavor.
Disadvantage of Instant Coffee
It is still not a substitute for a great cup of coffee. Coffee lovers all agree that instant coffee is the worst quality of coffee that one can have.
  1. This sense is palpable to those who drink instant coffee when they have to, as they can’t seem to shake of the feeling that there’s something missing from its taste.
  2. instant coffee is easily spoiled if not kept dry and that its taste is of a lower quality than that of freshly-brewed coffee.
  3. the percentage of caffeine in instant coffee is less, and undesirable bitter flavor components are more present.
  4. The lowest quality coffee beans are used in the production of instant coffee and sometimes other unwanted residues from the harvest are used in the production process.
  5. This process naturally produces a different mix of components than home brewing.
How To Prepare Instant Coffee?
Here are the steps to make a good cup of Instant coffee :
  1. Put water in a kettle and plug it in or put water in a pot and put it on the stove. Or use an immersion heater and warm up the water in a separate heat-proof mug.
  2. Take the instant coffee and put about one slightly rounded teaspoon in a mug.
  3. Pour just a teaspoon of the very hot water into the mug; only enough to dampen the instant coffee. If you use sugar, put in your sugar granules. Now, with a metal spoon, crush the slurry against the side of the mug.
  4. Stir in the rest of the hot water.
  5. Add fresh whole milk, fresh half-and-half, or non-dairy creamer to the coffee if desired.
  6. Flavorings such as vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or ground cinnamon may be added at this time. If the coffee has been modified, then stir thoroughly until the extra ingredients have been dissolved.


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