15 April 2009

You guys must be know that we all need to eat plenty of vegetables for better health. It is a fact that the you need for good health are in your vegetables. If you do not get enough minerals, your body cannot ward off disease and begins a downward spiral into bad health. Maybe it’s happen with you!

Plenty of vegetables help one become alkaline which builds health and gives extra nutrients that will help the body fight cancer. Your cancer is certainly something you want to move away from.

You are motivated by emotions you don’t want such as pain, grief, anger etc. You are also motivated by the things you want to move towards. Emotions that would go with this are feeling happy, satisfied, loved, forgiven, respected, etc. Move away from or move towards. These two ways you are motivated are the key to help you get past your dislike of vegetables.

Decide which type you are. Which are you most motivated by? Do you put moving away foremost in your mind or moving toward?

Grab some vegetables. Look at them, feel them taste them, Chew on them. Snap them, break them up and hear the crunchiness. Involve as many of your senses as you can.

Paint the picture of what you are leaving behind. Accentuate the problems. Make them look really big and bad in your picture. Show your self what the big bad picture would be like a year from now or 5 years from now if you continued eating your bad diet. Put a lot of feeling into this.
Paint a big bright picture of what you will look like and feel like when you have better health. Think about who you love, who loves you and what you want to do and could do when you have good health.

Now which did you feel more motivated to eat the fruits and vegetables and the super food you need?

See, that was not so bad. It is all according to the message you give your self. Certainly your body thanks you for the better nutrition, and I know you are going to start feeling better and having more energy as you continue to eat the better diet.


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