22 March 2009

TeaYou can enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere and anytime. Tea also has lots of advantages for your body.

Tea contains antioxidant. The antioxidant can give you protection from pollution and also prevent aging. Caffeine that contains in coffee is higher than tea. It’s about 2 to 3 times than tea. A cup of coffee contains about 135 mg caffeine, while tea that has the same size of cup has 30-40 mg caffeine.

TeaTea Decrease The Hearth Attack and Stroke. Blood clot that came from cholesterol can cause hearth attack and stroke. Tea can help you smoothing the blood stream and clean it also. A research in Netherland found that man who drinks tea 2 times a day has possibility 70% lower to get hearth attack.

Tea Protect Your Bond. Not only milk can strengthened your bone. A study found that people who consume tea more than 10 years have strong bone. It because tea contains phytochemical.

Drink TeaTea Give You a Big Smile. Tea is not the one that break your teeth, but sugar. Sugar has negative effect to your teeth. Tea contains fluoride which can prevent plaque on your teeth. So, from now get used to drink no sugar tea in your daily life to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Tea Raise Up Your Immune System. Drink tea can help your immune system so you’re not easily get infected.

Tea Protect You from Cancer. Tea contains polyphenol and antioxidant which can protect your body against cancer.

Tea BenefitTea Keep Your Body No Lack of Fluid. For all this time, drinks that contain caffeine were categorized as drink that has no contribution at all for body. But, researcher found that caffeine drink can give the same liquid contribution to other drink.

Free Calorie Tea. Tea contains zero calorie, except if you add sweetener or milk into the tea. Consume less than 250 calories a day can reduce your weight for about 1/2 kg a week.

Tea Increase Metabolism especially Green Tea. You can burn about 70-80 calories more just by drink 5 cups of tea every day.

So, if you want drink that freshing your body and healthy, change your habit! Change coffee to tea.


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