01 February 2009

Plant can make your kitchen more natural and live. You can find a house plant/flower that will live and grow inside and brings color and life into your home. Small plants is great and can be sit on a kitchen counter. And for the outdoor plant, choose plant that will live in a pot on a shaded balcony, again, would like something colorful. What’s the plants? Here they are :
  1. Coleus would fill the bill for the pot on your balcony. Coleus is a excellent plant for indoors and out and because of the many colors it is such a versitile plant I have 4 of them in my house and I set them out side in the summer.
  2. Orchids are beautiful and would do well in a kitchen because of humidity, just be sure to keep it out of direct, hot sunlight and the splatter of grease from your stove. They do not require light out side, but inside light and humid areas, not direct sunlight inside.
  3. For outside, coleus, coral bells, begonias, and fuchias will all give you some nice color in the shade.
  4. You can put any houseplant in the shade on your balcony. No houseplant can be put in the sun in the summer. The sun is way to strong and the plant would just burn up. Coleus, they like sun plus there not a houseplant, neither are begonias.
  5. Some other colorful houseplants include African Violet,pothos,ivy,or even geraniums if you have enough light. Now for outside on a shady balcony I would suggest Impatience because they come is such beautiful colors and they cascade perfectly in pots.
What to grow? Well, grow what you use, but be aware of the cardinal rule of herb gardening. Herbs need sun; a lot of it. If you plan to grow your kitchen herb garden indoors, make sure that you have a suitable location that receives direct sunlight for several hours each day.

If you are planting your kitchen herb garden in a container that is kept outside, learn which herbs will over-winter well and which you will need to replant each year.


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