20 January 2009

  • Get the largest unit that will comfortably fit your space.
  • Look for a convenient interior layout.
  • Shelves should be sturdy, flexible and easy to clean.
  • Look for easy-to-reach temperature and humidity controls.
  • The interior (including the freezer) should be well lit.
  • The refrigerator should be relatively quiet.
  • Electronic touch pads are easier to use.
  • Consider your family size. As a general rule, two people should have at least 10 cubic feet of refrigerator space, not including freezer space. Add 1-1/2 more cubic feet for each additional family member.
Style: Inside & Out
The “BI” stands for built-in units. These new units which you can get in a variety of sizes and configurations, now can be “flush” mounted to blend right in with your custom cabinets. Inside you’ll find brighter lighting, self-closing storage drawers, and even some handy-dandy consumer user cards on the inside—you will even know how long your food should stay fresh.

Air and Water Purification
Sub Zero refrigerators come with an advanced “Pure Air” purification system that “scrubs” the entire air volume on an average of once every 20 minutes. This system significantly reduces odors, viruses, bacteria and most of all, the ethylene gases present in some food that cause premature ripening and ultimately early spoilage. Another new feature is the water filtration system. The new “microbiological” filter preserves the fresh taste of clean water and ice while filtering out all the bad things.

Sub Zero refrigerators also have a duel-compressor freshness preservation system. With the duel-compressor system, Sub Zero is able to hold temperatures within a plus-or-minus one-degree. This precise control system ensures the highest air quality, fresher food and energy efficiency.


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