20 December 2008

We are all want our kitchen simple but stylish, a pleasant place so we’ll enjoy to cook in there. One of the important appliance to cook is cooktops. Then, how to choose the right cooktops that fit with your kitchen?

Step 1
Think about the ventilation and space needed to accommodate a cooktop. Most cooktops are larger than 30 inches in width, so take that into consideration when planning your kitchen remodeling project. You will also want to place the cooktop either near a window or another source of ventilation.

Step 2
Choose electricity, gas, induction or mixed cooktop.

Step 3
Choose the capacity of the cooktop according to your needs. You could have a maximum of 6 burners in a cooktop.

Step 4
Make sure the cooktop has good security design, especially you are living with kids.

Step 5
Choose the surface of the cooktop carefully. Do not forget to check cleaning features. Remember that easy-to-clean is as important as its elegant appearance.

Step 6
Compare the price and the warranty between different cooktops you like. Ask the price of installation fee which is usually excluded from tag price.


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