04 November 2008

Planning your outdoor kitchen is extremely important. And when budget is a major factor, planning becomes even more important. By taking a good look at what you have to work with and analyzing your specific needs, you will be better prepared. The following is tips and ideas on how to build an outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank.

Step 1 – Planning, Purposing and Functioning
How much time will you spend in your outdoor kitchen? What kind of cooking will you make? Does the outdoor kitchen used to celebrate a party, serve many friends or just a little barbecue party with family? Planning its use will help you to determine how large your over all financial investment should be. It will also give you a better idea of what features it should include.

Step 2 - Identify all the appliance and Feature
Make a list of features and appliance you consider to be essential for an outdoor kitchen. Now carefully examine each item on your list.
  1. Grill for cooking out of doors is the most important feature in an outdoor kitchen
  2. Refrigerator, a perfect convenience, but you may consider it if only use it for drinks. It can be substituted with an ice-filled tub for keeping beverages cold. Can save you more money.
  3. Shelter/cover /roof - protection from the sun or rain is a definite necessary, a fully enclosed eating area.
  4. Dining area outdoor dining furniture is essential especially when you get dinner with your love
  5. Lighting This could be a great d├ęcor for after dark and entertaining
  6. Lounge Area the decision to incorporate a separate lounge area will hinge on the amount of space you have available
  7. Outdoor Sink another convenience, if hot water is not required, consider running cold water to your outdoor sink from a diverter on your outside faucet.
  8. Patio Heater if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen in the early spring or late fall a patio heater may be a good investment
From this list you can consider which one is the major element? Do I need all those equipments?

Step 3 - Placement of Features
Certain features need special placement consideration. Design your outdoor kitchen so that appliances requiring power (ex: refrigerator), are placed close to existing outdoor electrical outlets to avoid the cost of running additional power / electrical lines away from the house.

Step 4 - Save Space & Money
Use multifunctional outdoor furniture and fixtures. You can use a patio bar or island for mixing drinks, food preparation, and serving up outdoor meals buffet style. Pull up a few bar stools and it can function as a great spot for hanging out and visiting with the chef. Depending on the design of the patio bar or island, it may also be able to accommodate storage for outdoor cooking utensils and provide space for tucking in a compact refrigerator.

Step 5 - Buy the Right Products
There’s nothing worse than investing good money in something that only lasts for one season. When buying items to use in your outdoor kitchen, choose products made from materials that will survive the elements and their intended use. Stainless steel tables, melamine dishes, resin wicker furniture, teak decking, outdoor fabrics for table cloths, outdoor throw pillows or sun shades.


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