06 November 2008

Outdoor kitchen cabinets over convenience for you store all the supplies coz you don’t have to run back inside kitchen to take those supplies. It has the same option as inside kitchen cabinet. It come in a variety of material and styles. So, What are they types?

There are 4 types material for make outdoor kitchen cabinets :
  • Masonry
  • Polymer
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood
Each has their own style and beauty to an outdoor kitchen. The cost as well as the level of effort required to install the cabinets will also vary with material choice. Click here to now more How Much does the Cabinets Outdoor Kitchen Costs?
But one characteristic among virtually all these types of outdoor cabinets is that they'll require some level of assembly once you receive them. The amount of work will vary depending on the material and manufacturer.

There’re several key points you have to look when choose the cabinets that you want. See more in here What to Look For When Choosing Outdoor Cabinets?

It’s an outdoor cabinetry that's built from either cement blocks or a metal frame that's covered in a decorative stone, brick or stucco veneer.

There are companies that sell pre-made or custom-made frames along with the necessary cement board ready for you or your contractor to install and finish.

Advantages :
  • Resistant to weather effects and the elements
  • Provides a substantial "built-in" look
Disadvantages :
  • Not as easily installed
  • Exterior materials/veneers must be purchased in addition to the skeleton structure of the
  • Cabinets/island and actual cabinet components
  • Less ready made and require more labor and cost for assembly and installation
Polymer is a synthetic material and described as a plastic.
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is material that it's not susceptible to rot, rust or other forms of deterioration. While marine board or marine grade polymer is used in applications associated with boating and marine technology. It has the benefit of UV (ultra-violet) inhibitors to resist fading and deterioration from sunlight.

Advantages :
  • Easy to clean and can be hosed down
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Impervious to water/moisture
  • Stain resistant
Disadvantages :
  • Limited range of color options
  • Doesn't have same rich look like wood
  • Not very eco-friendly since it's made from petrochemicals
  • Has a uniform appearance
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is very good material for outdoor cabinets. It’s very resistant to corrosion and staining, use the 304 stainless steel.

You may see this number referred to in some product literature but it also goes by the designations of "18-8" and "A2". Some designs wrap the steel around a core material inside the doors for example, whereas other products don't employ any core material and just use the steel itself to form the cabinet's structure.

Advantages :
  • Metal cabinets look and non-corrosive material
  • Matches many stainless steel outdoor appliances and gas grills for a uniform look
Disadvantages :
  • Hard to keep clean from fingerprints, oils, bird droppings Get hot if exposed to direct sunlight
Wood works for outdoor kitchen cabinets provided it's the right kind of wood and it's treated or finished properly. Woods for outdoor cabinets include Teak, Cypress and Ipe, materials that are used in marine and outdoor applications. They possess natural attributes that make them resistant to the beating that nature can dish out. Some wood outdoor cabinet products are also finished with a an oil or a water-seal treatment for additional protection.

Advantages :
  • Similar to wood indoor cabinets give a warm look nuance
  • Wood grain provides visual detail not found in polymer and steel cabinets
Disadvantages :
  • Can fade depending on the type of wood and finish treatment
  • Can break down over time but this time span is governed by type of wood, surface
  • Treatments and how well it's cared for


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