05 November 2008

Grow vegetation around the outdoor kitchen. This can provide you a pleasant and gorgeous dining experience. Seasonal plants or herbs can bring a fresh look to your landscape. Being surrounded by the colorful foliage can lend an air of tranquility, like being in the luxurious resort. Carefully placed trees and shrubs add important texture and appeal to an outdoor room. Select plants that change with the season, offering different colors, blooms or scents depending on the time of year.

What kind of plants do I need to buy for my outdoor kitchen?
  1. Herb Plants. Smell good and you can use them whenever you need them. such as Basil, rosemary, thyme, etc.
  2. Cucumber plants sunflowers from seeds plant corn.
  3. Edible flowers would be nice to garnish a plate with.
  4. Dwarf fruit trees would be good.
  5. Bay tree will give you bay leaves for your cooking and can be kept at whatever height you want by clipping and pruning. It will grow big enough to give you privacy.
  6. Lemon verbena will give you lemon scented leaves and flowers and can also grow into a small tree to screen neighbours and you can use the plant to flavour cooking.
  7. Cumquats will give you evergreen hedge, some varieties grow into small trees and others smaller growing use the fruit in the kitchen for marmalade, for marinating in brandy, and for citrus flavors in cooking.
  8. Pineapple guava are hardy large shrubs or small trees (Feijoa selowiana) and will tolerate frost and heat. The large fruit tastes like pineapple and makes lovely jam and great eaten fresh.
  9. Root artichokes grow to a fair height for a screen and you get sunflower like flowers followed by the tasty potato like roots.
  10. Olive trees grow well in large pots or tubs, and can be moved to fill in spots where the neighbours are likely to see in. They can be clipped to form ball shapes on tall trunks and look more formal, can then plant useful edible flowering plants like nastutiums, sage, violets, marigolds etc under them in the pots.
  11. Acacia Wood Tiered Plant Stand. This tiered plant stand is a wonderful way to show off a lot of plants in a small space on your deck or patio, porch or sunroom. This attractive, slatted plant stand is crafted of weather-resistant acacia wood, a durable plantation-grown hardwood protected with an oil finish you can replenish each year, or let the wood age naturally to a soft gray color. The tiered plant stand's slatted design allows water to run through, so there's no pooling. Acacia Wood Tiered Plant Stand measures 30" x 31" x 32" tall. 19 lbs.


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