06 November 2008

Prices for outdoor kitchen cabinets will vary depending on the cabinet's material, size and the manufacturer.

Estimated prize for polymer base cabinets (full-height doors): it’s about $500 to $1000. Grill base cabinets cost $1150 for a 33" wide unit to $2400 for a 60" wide base.

The prices of another brand's base cabinets range from about $900 to $2300, varying based on size and the quantity of doors and drawers. Grill base cabinets cost anywhere from $800 to $1700.

Estimated prize for stainless steel cabinets, you can expect to pay at least $1000 to $1600 for a full-door base cabinet (varying based on width of the cabinet). Two-drawer base cabinets from one manufacturer are in the range of $1400 to $2200.

Masonry cabinets and islands will vary in cost based on the types of materials used and the overall size of cabinets and/or island. There are dealers that offer packages that contain the framework and appliances for these types of cabinet/island arrangements but it's best to contact them directly for pricing information based on the variables involved.


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