04 November 2008

You should be completely aware of how much your kitchen is going to cost, as a top quality design can easily stretch over one hundred thousand dollars. Once you have the plan in hand and you know exactly how much you are willing to spend, you will want to head on down to your hardware store and pick up the supplies you need.

The cost of an outdoor kitchen can vary between $500 for a do it yourself project to well over $100000 for extravagant kitchen. Most outdoor kitchen projects fall under the following three categories

Do It Yourself Built an Outdoor Kitchen
Building an outdoor by yourself can spend a lot of your time, start from planning, shopping all the materials and appliances and build itself. But if you do it slowly with joyful it can be fun, and when it finish you’ll be proud for yourself.

It takes about 45-60 hours of time provided you have all the plans and resources in place and spend less than $2500, this expense has already include grill, sinks, fixtures, cabinets, framing (made from wood /concrete /backer board) and tiling.

An Extra for Patio
If you have more budgets and want your outdoor kitchen can be use as a serve area to entertain guests, dinner are even luncheons, add a patio. The barbecue counter would hold more accessories and grilling equipment generally tends to be higher end. D├ęcor your outdoor kitchen with plants and flower or appropriate lighting this will make your kitchen more beautiful. . You can design or hire a designer/contractor to design your kitchen, but of course the costs will be increase.

It will costs about $10000 to about $40000, includes patio cover ,
tiling ,barbecue equipments, barbecue island, small fireplace to add to the aesthetics and adding seating equipment.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens
For this project you may need a designer or contractor and costs about $65000 to about $100000. Hmm, for a great result why not? This will make your kitchen luxury and extravagant. Luxury Outdoor kitchen feature ovens, fire pits and often have lighting designed so as to create a breathtaking aesthetic appeal.

Finally, a great outdoor kitchen idea is not always spend too much money on the project all at once. If you have to have the top of the line kitchen, then this outdoor kitchen idea is perfect for you. By simply purchasing the necessities first, you will end up saving money in the end.


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