05 November 2008

Using your outdoor kitchen for the first will not only be a proud moment for you, but a celebration for family and friends. Like wise building an outdoor kitchen by do it yourself with family. This can be challenging, but once it's sitting in your backyard, your heart will swell with pride every time you barbecue on it!

Such a project would cost you less than $2500 and would include a good quality stuff and all appliances that you need. The most important tip while building a DIY outdoor kitchen is to take it slowly. You don't want to exhaust yourself, just enjoy the working. Follow these simple steps and you are sure to build a kitchen which will roll out steaks and happy moments year after year!

1. Planning
Read some literature on it and get a definite plan. DIY guides and kits are available in the market. To make it simple you could buy a DVD step-by-step manual.
Planning is everything.
  • Are you designing an outdoor kitchen for a small family hangout or are to use it as a place to get party gathering for your friends?
  • How often you’re gonna cook in outdoor kitchen? Is it a hi gh end griller or cooks out only for occasionally day?
  • Are you gona cook the food inside the house and bring the food outside or cook the food all at outside?
  • Will the food be eaten inside or outside?
  • Do you want the outdoor kitchen to be a flexible or moveable arrangement decision?
All you’re choice and decision will influence your selection to buy furniture, grill, other appliances and the entire design.

The more thought and research you put into planning your outdoor kitchen, the better the end product will be. The market is flooded with a lots variety of products and often buyers make a purchase decision which they later regret.

2. Determine the Location
Location is very important when build an outdoor kitchen. There so many thing you should consider before start to work, such as :
  • Build the kitchen close to the house, inevitable you will have to go inside and take some supplies inside the house. You can build this kitchen if you have a large backyard.
  • Establish which way the winds blows. The smoke from the grill should not go towards the eating table. If the grill is placed in a shaded area, make sure the smoke can escape easily. Trapped smoke blackens walls and surrounding structures over a long period of time.
3. Estimate the Budget
Adjust your budget ! Whats the limit? Don’t buy lots of stuff if you have a tight budget. A high-quality DIY outdoor kitchens can easily be built for about $6000. This has already includes an excellent grill, a kitchen island, countertops and flooring. If you plan to make a patio along with roofing or prefabricated kitchen island, the budget could be considerably more, especially if you hire a contractor.

4. Listing Your Equipment
Before designing or getting a plan for an outdoor kitchen, it is a good idea to make a list of equipment you might need. Rather. Also consider all the accessories you may need including sinks, cabinets, outdoor refrigerators, access doors and others.

Remember! Always choose materials that are weather resistant and require little maintenance. Suggested materials are masonry, stainless steel, pressure-treated lumber and outdoor-rated tile. They are easy to clean, require little or no paint, won't rust and are immune to weather damage.

5. Get a permit
Your local building officials may require a building permit for an outdoor kitchen. Bring a copy of your property survey or a map that shows where your property lines are. You shouldn't feel disappointed if the permit is declined. Do the modifications as suggested by the department.

6. Go Do It!
Get your family involved and work as a team. You don’t have to be rush, just do it slowly with fun. You might have some hard work in store, look around then decide which one you’re gona buy. Try online comparison shopping engines to get the best price.
Don’t build the kitchen during rains. It makes a lot of mess! If you need help there are many forums online whose members will be more than willing to help you.

7. Fineness is in details
You may feel unsophisticated in the beginning with the construction. Now, is the time to work on aesthetics. Smooth out all uneven layers and work towards creating a harmonious combination of elements. Lay flooring that complements the overall surrounding. Choose umbrellas, get a fire pit, and install lights on the grill. Put a basket or two to keep on the countertops and decorate with plants. You’re gonna surprise with what you built!


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