05 November 2008

Outdoor kitchen offer versatility, increase home value and possibly best of all, are just a great place to hang out with family and friends. Today, outdoor grilling is America's favorite pastime. In a consumer survey conducted in 2005 by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), 46 % of respondents viewed their outdoor space as a functional area to cook. Here are a few different ways for you to make your already beautiful outdoor kitchen even more inviting.

Landscaping for accessory
Grow vegetation around the outdoor kitchen. This can provide you a pleasant and gorgeous dining experience. Seasonal plants or herbs can bring a fresh look to your landscape. Being surrounded by the colorful foliage can lend an air of tranquility, like being in the luxurious resort. Carefully placed trees and shrubs add important texture and appeal to an outdoor room. Select plants that change with the season, offering different colors, blooms or scents depending on the time of year.

Appropriate lighting.
Near the grill or other food preparation areas, task lighting is crucial. However, elsewhere, strings of lights, dimmers, lanterns and candles can set an enticing mood.

Don’t isolate the cook.
No one likes to be excluded from the party. Make sure to put the grill in a central location and to include seating around it to ensure the host can chat with guests while preparing food.

The relationship between the indoor and outdoor kitchens.
Most food is stored in an indoor kitchen, so this space will still get a lot of use even during times when most of the cooking is done outdoors. Be sure to create a smooth traffic area between both the indoor and outdoor kitchens and factor in that many heavy dishes and food plates will be carried between the two.

Consider having a stereo outside, or at least a set of speakers powered by the inside stereo. There's nothing like cooking when listening to your favorite music, especially when summer month.

If you plan on adding music and television, incorporate them into your plans before you begin construction as they can be difficult to add on later coz its related to the positioning electronic equipment outside.Be sure to purchase one that has a bright enough display so that you can see it in full daylight. Keep it away from the hot cooking area, but minimize sun glare on the screen.

Fabrics is important thing to concern. There are a wide variety of weather resistant fabrics that can help prolong the beauty of your outdoor kitchen. Designers now have a wide array of choices from ticking stripes to terry cloth to chenille.

Choose appropriate materials.
Stainless steel is a good choice for cabinets and appliances because it is easily cleaned and can withstand extreme environments. Consider dense granites for countertops, as they are the least porous of the natural stones, and choose a lighter color that won’t absorb light and get hot on sunny days.

Heater for winter
Do you know that half of all Americans use their outdoor grill during the winter months? It doesn’t have to wait until summer to have this enjoyable moment for grilling with family and friends. So why not party out there too? Consider installing a motion-activated floodlight above the grill for those dark winter days and put the grill as close to the back door as safety will allow. Natural-gas patio heaters can be used effectively under eaves and pergolas. Radiant heat under the patio and counter tops can be installed if money is no object, and portable propane patio heaters are a good solution for more modest budgets. Fireplaces and hearths are also an option for adding heat to an outdoor entertaining area.

Build in coverings for shade and rain protection.
Pergolas and awnings in cooking and dining areas are indispensable on hot, sunny days, while during bad weather a rain shelter will come in handy.


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