23 October 2008

Maintenance your kitchen could be thrifty rather than buy a brand new look cabinets, coz it could spent more lot of money. You can maintenance your kitchen cabinets by cleaning and bleaching the cabinets.

Before start to clean, better if you consult with installation or owners manual. The cabinet manufacturer should have provided specific cleaning instructions for the product.

You don't have to use harsh cleaners to clean your cabinet. Try to use a mild soap or detergent mixed with warm water. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, soaps containing dye, abrasive scouring pads, or the use of your kitchen sponge.

Don't ever let your cabinet damp coz dampness can damage cabinet wood and finish, wipe off any water or liquid drips immediately. When cleaning glass inserts, spray your glass cleaner directly on the cloth it's these types of flyaway drips that cause harm. Always dry your cabinets off after cleaning them!

If you want to remove an unwanted layer, start with a wood cleaner or by mixing a solution of 3 tbsp turpentine, 3 tbsp linseed oil, and one quart boiling water. Only use the mixture when warm and don't forget to wear a rubber gloves for protection.

Well, bleach isn't just for whites anymore. It could do more such as antidote the wood stains, bleach cabinets to lighten the color and brighten a dull kitchen.

So, which bleacher should I use? You can choose commercial wood bleach, it's available at hardware stores or home centers or you can make the bleacher with your own. How to make it? Make a solution with one part chlorine bleach to 10 parts water. Household bleaches are weaker and may require several treatments. The shock-treatments used for swimming pools have a higher concentration and can up the power a bit.

Before you begin to undress your cabinets, make sure you're protected. Rubber gloves are a must, and goggles are a smart precaution. Bleacher can make your skin dry and the smell is not good. Put down a drop cloth or newspaper to protect the flooring from drips. Be sure to read and follow manufacturers directions carefully, and test a scrap or out-of-the-way spot before you tackle the entire kitchen.

Apply the mixture and let stand for several minutes. The longer it stays on, the lighter it gets. Wash the wood thoroughly with water to neutralize the bleach.


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