25 October 2008

What can you do if you want to remodeling you kitchen but your budget can't fulfill you're your wish?
Here, the simple, easy and cheap steps you can do by yourself to make your kitchen more comfortable.

Go Change the Curtain
If there's curtain in your kitchen, go change it with different color and motive to give a brand new nuance. You can pick a bright and clear color, squared motive or vegetable and fruity motive to give a fresh nuance in kitchen.

Change the Wall Painting Color
You can combine few colors in one room without give a crowded and tacky impression. For example, paint yellow as a basic color then paint teracota color on the border. You still can combine with other color such as dark yellow or dark peach. Just like the curtain, alteration of the wall painting color can change the nuance significantly.

Give "Touch" on the Kitchen Cabinet
Let's do some experiment on the kitchen cabinet! Such as repaint with stretch line motive. You also can add some pictures, such as flower or seasoning which you like. If the cabinets start to peel or look dirty, repaint it. Your cabinets will look new.

Putt a Lovely Decoration
Try to put a hand made kid creation. You can not just put this decoration on the refrigerator but also can be put on the wall with a pretty frame.


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