13 October 2008

I just can’t wait to have a brand new kitchen! Hmmm….. I should call the contractor. They can do it quickly and good job. That was the most of us do if we want to remodeling our kitchen, right? Well, don’t be rush, if you do, you may get more expensive prices and over-budget or even worse, the contractor give the kitchen that doesn’t fit for you.

Planning is the first phase of any project and the most important. Don’t’ skip it!
  1. Create a Stylebook
    Make your own book, you don’t have to make a neat and preety book. Just collect some pictures then insert into a three ring binder to create a stylebook. Where can I get those pictures? You can cn find it in Design magazines or Search the internet : HGTV.com.
  2. Make and Define Your Goal. Assess your needs and wants. Make notes about how you plan to use the remodeled space, then try to distill all that information into a one- or two-sentence goal. Your Goal give a big influence to your budget.
  3. Create A Financial Budget. Do a little research into the costs of your wish list items and compare them with your preliminary budget. Are you on target?
  4. Set A Time Budget. Not only money, time is a significant and important thing to be concern. May be you want to finish it before Christmas, so you can celebrate it with your family. Discuss your time budget when interviewing potential remodelers.
  5. Have Realistic Expectations Sit down with your family and talk about what you're about to embark on. It's going to take a certain amount of time. It's going to have a certain amount of mess. It's going to be a financial stress.


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