03 September 2008

Liquid coffee is coffee that is liquid in consistency. So, why does coffee need to be liquid and what are its uses?

It is best used in the workplace. Liquid coffee prevents wastage since there is no burnt gloppage to throw out or to smell intensely; suffocating the whole office and reminding you of old man.

Basically, liquid coffee is blended with hot water to make an on-demand cup of coffee or even a full pot of coffee. Completing the roast, the beans pass through to extract the full flavor, aroma, and body of the roast. The result of this extraction process is a highly concentrated coffee liquid.


There are many different varieties of liquid coffee. Some liquid coffees dont have preservatives and should only be bought in small batches, so it wont expire and taste so bad. Other liquid coffees may have preservatives and do not need to be refrigerated. In addition, others may have some preservatives and still need to be kept frozen or at least refrigerated. Frozen coffee in blocks may need 24 to 48 hours to thaw.

How to use it?
How is BrewFresh Liquid Coffee Concentrate used?Liquid Coffee can be used as an ingredient. Adding Liquid Coffee to ice cream, baked goods, or milk products creates a delicious coffee treat. The high concentration makes it easy to include coffee flavor in any product calling for coffee flavoring.

Liquid Coffee can be used in the following products :
  • Smoothie Mixes
  • Ice Cream
  • Cold Coffee Drinks
  • Coffee Flavored Milk or Soymilk
  • Baked Goods
  • Confectionary
  • Puddings
Liquid coffee or coffee concentrate, are generally encased in boxes. These boxes sometimes hold a thick plastic bag inside with what resembles an udder sticking out. Open the tears on the box, withdraw the udder and attach it to the liquid coffee machine. Generally, the coffee machine compresses the bag and a percentage of coffee seeps-out through the udder and it is mixed with the hot water.

Generally, it ends-up costing less than 10 cents a cup. One gallon of liquid coffee makes about 70 gallons, which is about 1200 cups of individual coffee.
The costs for liquid coffee can range from about $10 to $100 and if you sign a contract with a vendor, the vendor may give you a liquid coffee machine and a free maintenance program.

Liquid Coffee Products :

Anexceptional rich, full-bodied blend of Indonesian, Central American and African beans, roasted to a Seattle taste. A top-notch cup of coffee with a full-bodied taste and pleasing aroma.

Superb Columbian, South American, Central American, and African coffees have been blended to produce a full rich flavor with a high acidity and a robust aroma that will please any coffee drinker.

Processed from the finest arabica coffee from three continents, roasted to a dark, rich, satisfying flavor, offering a silky smooth after taste that satisfies your palate and urges your senses for another cup.

The finest Guatemalans blended with Colombian excelso and supremo beans dark roasted for the rich, full, yet smooth flavor only offered by this exquisite blend.

superb arabica blend using Colombians and other mild coffees from Central America and Brazil that produce a highly flavorful coffee with a distinctive, rich flavor profile that your customer will applaud.

A superb blend of fine Colombians and Central American beans, roasted to a medium dark to give you a full bodied taste without the caffeine.


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