02 September 2008

Gourmet coffee flavor is based on many different criteria, include geographical location, the variety of bean, the roast, the grind, the water and ultimately the brewing method.

The roast is one of the most important factors affecting the flavor of coffee. There are two kinds of roasts, light roast coffee and dark roast coffee. Contrary to popular belief, dark roast contains less caffeine and acidity then light roast. The rule of thumb is the darker the bean, after roasting, the more bitter the flavor.

Types of Roasts:

  • American Light Coffee Roast - is used predominately at coffee chains and has medium light beans.
  • City Medium Coffee Roast - bright acidity and the coffee bean is chocolate in color.
  • New England Coffee Roast - sour in taste and the bean is dark.
  • Italian Coffee Roast or Dark French Coffee Roast - burnt flavor and a dark oily bean.
  • City Coffee Roast - caramel and chocolate flavors with a medium bean.
  • Spanish Coffee Roast or Vienna Coffee Roast - flat charcoal flavor and the bean is the darkest.

The Water
Always use filtered water. Chlorinated or softened water can change the taste of your coffee completely.

The Brewing
For optimal dark roast gourmet coffee use a press pot, (cafetiere, French press) with a medium to course grind (10 seconds in a coffee blade grind) for finest flavor. Drip methods and electric brew-type coffeemakers should use medium to fine grind (15-20 seconds in a coffee blade grinder).

The Bean
Arabica coffee beans provide the majority of gourmet coffees. The Robusta beans are valued for their high yields and resistance to disease and are widely used in commercial blends. The Arabica gourmet coffees possess the finer aroma, flavor and body. Often coffee merchants and commercial distributors will blend their Arabica gourmet coffees with the Robusta beans to drive more profit.

Sometime there are companies use methods of deception to confuse consumers with their gourmet coffees. The word “blend” is often used describe the name of a particular brand or single origin. The problem is that when a Kona Coffee Blend actually only contains 5% of Kona beans and the rest from other origins or worse like Robusta beans.

The best gourmet coffees are from the famed coffee growing regions of Central America, Hawaii, Jamaica, Columbia, Africa and Sumatra. The single origin varieties offer unique character and are sometimes blended to create distinct flavors for a roaster. The finest gourmet coffees are found from volcanic regions due to their rich volcanic soil which adds a deep flavorful experience. These area are famous for consistently producing some of the best coffee.

Costa Rica Gourmet Coffees
Its ight, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. The nearly perfect growing conditions of the high altitude, rich volcanic soil and climate contribute to the awesome flavor of this world class coffee. Enjoy an unusually silky taste, an almost buttery flavor, a full well-balanced body, and a remarkable aroma that creates a awesome and eloquent profile.

Kona Gourmet Coffees
A rich luscious full bodied taste from the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii with its rich soil, sunny mornings and abundant rainfall. The famous taste of the big island, the Kona gourmet coffees have become legendary throughout the United States. The Kona coffee flavor can be described as smooth, intense aroma, nutty and luscious.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffees
This coffee was one of the most prized gourmet coffees world-wide and is in high demand. The most famous of gourmet coffee beans often in short supply. A connoisseur's delight made from the best local blue-green beans. A full flavor: it has balance, prominent fruit flavors, acidity and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. A very clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness are found in these gourmet coffees.


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