09 September 2008

Review your critical budget and design basics before you get started on a kitchen remodel or building project. The key to any kitchen is the way the sink, stove and refrigerator flow together. How about the size? Kitchen size is only as important as it relates to the use. If you need large space to cook, or lots of worker and family member of course you need a large size kitchen. Good work flow, lighting and storage are the key components to good kitchen design.

  • The three types of lighting are: general lighting, task lighting and accent or ambient lighting.
  • The goal is to balance general and task lighting in a way that illuminates the room without creating harsh shadows, and use accents to set mood and tone.
The three basic principles to follow related to storage are:
  • Put unused space to work
  • Everything in its place, proper containers for proper storage
  • Strore according to frequency of use, seasonal and specialty items should be kept out of the way, eveything else should be easy to reach
  • Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects, delivering an average return on investment of 70%.
  • The four material costs are cabinets, counters, appliances and floors.
  • Designers charge anywhere from $50-$150+ per hour, and sometimes take a percentage of your budget.
  • In-store designers are paid by retailers.
  • Cabinets are the foundation of the kitchen, giving it shape and helping to determine the overall style.
  • The three basic cabinet types are stock, semi-custom and custom.
  • Stock cabinets are manufactured in bulk in a variety of standard sizes and colors. They're a good basic choice and available in almost every home improvement store.
  • Semi-custom cabinets use better quality materials, are available in a much wider variety and styles, are made to order and fit more precisely than stock cabinets.
  • Custom cabinets are generally made onsite by a carpenter to exact specifications, made from the highest quality materials in many styles and cost more than stock or semi-custom cabinets.
A good rule of thumb for kitchen remodel budgeting is to allocate:
  • 45-50% of your budget for cabinets
  • 20-30% for appliances
  • 20-25% for countertops
  • 10-20% for flooring
  • 10-15% for lighting.
Outdoor Kitchens
  • With features such as gas grills, pizza ovens, prep sinks, refrigerators, and even dishwashers, outdoor kitchens rival their sheltered counterparts.
  • A good, basic setup might include a 17,000 BTU grill, an under-counter refrigerator and cabinets. For a mostly do-it-yourself installation, the total cost can be about $2000.


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