27 August 2008

Seattle’s Coffee Company started in 1970 then change its name to to Seattle's Best Coffee after winning a regional restaurant coffee competition. Seattle Drip Coffee Company has emerged as a leader in America’s Drive-Thru Coffee industry through its Mission Statement of “Serving People, Working Hard, and Having Fun”.

The company’s outstanding service and desire to serve people is based on its “Hiring on Attitude” philosophy and an established and well trained team of “Certified Baristas”. Foregoing the use of speakers, our baristas work hard to meet customers at the car window when busy in an effort to honor our customers’ time and build relationships.

Seattle Drip Coffee Company's current locations are in Jackson, Brandon, Madison, Richland, Pearl, Southaven, and Vicksburg, Mississippi; Homewood, Alabama; and Niceville, Florida. Seattle Drip has offices in Madison, Mississippi; and Nashville, Tennessee. In 2006, Seattle Drip Coffee Company announced it’s Five Year Plan for a rollout of 101 stores in ten markets in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi over five years.

It is now owned by Starbucks and Seattle's Best Coffee is affiliated with Torrefazione Italia coffee. It has great coffee and simply fantastic flavored coffee.

Seattle's Best Coffee Light Roasts :
  • Colombian Coffee
    • Flavor: Rich & Mild;
    • Aroma: Sweet, Delicate;
    • Acidity: Medium;
    • Body: Medium to Full.
Seattle's Best Coffee Medium Roasts :
  • Henry's Blend
    • Flavor: Nutty, slightly sweet;
    • Aroma: Complex and aromatic;
    • Acidity: Good acidity;
    • Body: Full.

    I chose this coffee because it was named after a big friendly cat.
  • Organic Sumatra
    • Flavor: Hints of cocoa
    • Aroma: Full;
    • Acidity: low;
    • Body: Heavy.

    It is a wonderfully rich coffee perfect for after dinner with a large chunk of chocolate cake.
  • Other Seattle's Best Coffee include : Seattles Best Blend, Tazza d'Oro, Seattle's Best Blend- Decaf and Organic Breakfast Blend.
Seattle's Best Coffee Dark Roasts :
  • Organic Twilight Swiss Water Decaf. Sweet, slightly nutty, smooth acidity.
  • I love the word Twilight. It conjures up such a wonderful time of the day and it reminds me of fireflies for some reason.
  • French Roast Coffee. Low in acidity. A cup of deepest, darkest roast yields a smoky, lightly bittersweet.
  • Fair Trade Certified Organic French Roast. Transfair Fair-Trade Certified dark-roasted coffee. With a full aroma and full body, you can almost taste the mountain where these beans were grown.
  • 6th Avenue Bistro Blend. 6th Ave. Bistro coffee is dark, rich and smooth with a sophisticated finish.
  • Post Alley Blend. Post Alley Blend features a roasty, bold flavor as well as our signature smooth finish.
Seattle's Best Coffee Flavored Coffee :
  • Chocolate Toffee Flavored Coffee : It's coffee, chocolate, and buttery toffee - can anything be better than that?
  • Decaf - Very Vanilla Javanilla Flavored Coffee. Old coffee flavor with richly exotic vanilla. It is and it is fabulous when you mix it with the Chocloate Toffee Flavored Coffee. Someone once said nummie, nummie, num nums.I kid you not!
  • Other Seattle's Best Coffee Flavored Coffees are: Very Vanilla Javanilla Flavored Coffee, Cinnabon Flavored Coffee, Crème Brulee Flavored Coffee and Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee.


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