27 August 2008

Planet bean coffee is freshly roasted and only sells Fair Trade Coffees from its co-op growers. All coffee roasts are 100 %organic Arabica beans. Its beans are shade grown in tropical forests meaning it protects nature's habitat and the growers are not exposed to harmful chemicals. The co-op puts job creation and democracy first. It's located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Single Origin Bean
  • Deep, Dark Guatemalan. A pleasing hickory aroma with rich body and a pleasant lingering finish.
  • French Roast Mexican Chiapas. Our darkest, richest roast. Smokey and spicy, well balanced with a rich, creamy body.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. A medium roast with citrus and floral notes and a mildly addictive toffee finish!
  • Ethiopian Sidamo. Our medium roast Sidamo offers delicately fragrant floral notes complemented by a subtle splash of chocolaty tones. Complex to the palate, you’ll crave every sip.
  • Peruvian Café Femenino. A medium roast with deep caramel and chocolate tones complemented by fruity nuances. Grown by the Café Femenino women’s cooperatives of northern Peru.
  • Guatemalan Loma Linda (*SOLD OUT UNTIL MAY '08). A medium roast with fragrant fruit and floral notes. Rich body and crisp acidity are finished with a short, sweet aftertaste.
  • Mexican Chiapas. A medium, bright, well-balanced roast. Creamy body with an earthy flavour that ends with a very light finish.
  • Chatty Matty. A medium blend of lightly roasted and dark roasted Guatemalan beans. This blend is on the lighter side of flavour but there’s no lack of caffeine here. Perfect for those who enjoy a mellow coffee.
  • Morning Glory. This is a lighter blend higher in caffeine, with just a touch of our darkest beans for flavour. Great for getting going in the mornings!
  • Freedom Fighter. The perfect blend for dark coffee lovers. This blend is rich and flavourful, a combination of Vienna & City roast Peruvian beans make this full bodied blend.
  • Lava Java. This lovely dark blend is sure to please. Citrus aromas accent strong hints of dark chocolate. A unique blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Peruvian beans.
  • Peruvian Power. A medium/dark combination that creates a satisfying mix of flavours. A touch of smokiness with underlying fruit sensations.
  • Jumping Bean. This blend produces a rich and flavourful shot. Thick crema and smooth aftertaste make this our recommended espresso.
Decaffeinated Coffees ~ The Natural Way
  • European Blend Decaf. An intriguing mix of roasts that create a medium flavoured blend. With its well balanced taste it has quickly become our most popular decaf coffee.
  • French Roast Peruvian Decaf. Our darkest roast of decaf. Roasted French style, this coffee is perfect for the decaf drinker who appreciates bold flavour in a rich, full-bodied brew.
  • Full City Peruvian Decaf. This medium roast brings out the unique qualities of Northern Peruvian Penachi coffee. Mild acidity and a fruity aroma accompany wonderful notes of cherry and chocolate. It also makes an excellent espresso.
  • City Peruvian Decaf. This lightly roasted Peruvian Penachi coffee is very complex in nuances, with a refreshingly mellow flavour. Medium acidity and full bodied with a pleasant aftertaste.


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