27 August 2008

Alfred Peet known as “grandfather of specialty coffee” opened his first coffee house in 1966, in Berkley, California. No stranger to the hot beverage market, Peet grew-up in Holland where he helped with the family's coffee and tea business. He worked in the tea trade in Indonesia after World War II.

Peets Coffee & Tea currently has a faithful, some say fanatical, following. It has its own mail order coffee service. Its claim to fame is that the beans are not roasted until you order, so freshness is guaranteed. Peet's is especially known for its strong, dark-roasted coffee.
In 2007 Peet's opened its new roasting plant in Alameda, California. This new roasting plant replaced the former operations in Emeryville, California, and is expected to provide enough roasting capacity to allow Peet's to double its current annual sales to about $500M per year.

Reserve Coffees:
  • JR Reserve Blend. Full bodies, complex flavors with chocolate and spicy hints.
  • Kona Coffee. 100% Kona, sweet, mild flavor.
Special Offerings / Seasonal Coffees:
  • Peaberry Especial. Tangy, sweet, lively body and smooth.
Dark Roasts:
  • French Roast. Smoky overtoned, intense, ebony coffee. It's Peets darkest roast.
  • Italian Roast. using beans from Pacific and Latin America, intense.
Coffee Blends:
  • Garunda Blend. Originating from Indonesia with an aromatic, earthy and nutty full-bodied taste.
  • Fair Trade Blend. Originating from Costa Rica and the Indo-Pacific regions, clean character with a distinctive tang. This is yummy and it is afterall Fair Trade.
  • Other Coffee Blends include: Arabian Mocha-Java, Blend 101, Espresso Forte, Gaia Organic Blend, House Blend, Maduro Blend, Major Dickason's Blend, Sierra Dorada Blend, Top Blend and Viennese Blend.
Some other Peets Coffees well worth trying:
  • Aged Sumatra
  • Arabian Mocha Sanani
  • Columbia Coffee
  • Costa Rica Coffee
  • Decaf French Roast (tastes like the real thing)
  • Decaf House Blend
  • Decaf Mocha-Java
  • Decaf Sierra Dorada
  • Decaf Special Blend
  • Decaf Sumatra
  • Ethiopian Fancy (where coffee began, read coffee history - there's goats involved)
  • Guatemala Coffee
  • Kenya Coffee
  • New Guinea Coffee
  • Sulawesi-Kalosi
  • Sumatra
You can also order 3, 6 or 12 months of coffee at a time. You get billed monthly and Peets will send you one pound every month, to anywhere in the world, according to your coffee roast, coffee body and acidity or coffee origin.


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