27 August 2008

Kicking Horse Coffee buys its organic coffee via cooperatives, which ensures the farmers get a higher premium and thus a better standard of living. Kicking Horse coffee has some Fair Trade Certified coffee roasts.

Kicking Horse Coffee is roasted 3000 feet above sea level: this is the same altitude for specialty coffee is grown and it gives our coffee its unique taste. Kicking Horse Coffee We buy our organic coffee through small cooperatives (co-ops), defined as an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services (similar to your local grocery co-op). Coffee co-ops have more bargaining power and can demand a higher price for their coffee, in turn giving farmers a better standard of living. So we’re ensuring the farmers a higher premium for their hard work.

There are no pesticides, herbicides or harmful fertilizers in the shade grown coffee Kicking Horse purchases. It sponsors the Wings Over the Rockies festival, in British Columbia, Canada, promoting wildlife and migratory birds via education, conversation and sustainable economic activities. Kicking Horse has fantastic packaging.

Have you heared Kicking Horse legend?
In 1858, adventurer, James Hector discovered the Kicking Horse Valley. His horse allegedly kicked him so hard his team thought he was dead. However, legend has it a that a cup of coffee brought him back to life. Hence the name, Kicking Horse Coffee.

Kicking Horse Light Roasts :
  • Organic Bugaboo. A medium blend of African & South American coffees. The packaging has a great picture of a mountain sheep.
  • Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Coffee. This roast have floral sweet tones. It has a butterfly on the package and even though I am afraid of butterflies (spiders with wings) I tried this roast and loved it.
  • Other Kicking Horse light coffee roasts include: Organic Hoodoo Joe, Organic Brazil, Organic Mocha Yoho, Organic Timor, Organic Peru, Organic Costa Rica, Organic Guatemala, and Organic Nicaragua.

Kicking Horse Medium Roasts :
  • Organic Three Sisters. Central America, South America and South Pacific coffees.
  • Organic Rundle Rock. Earthiness of Indonesia and high tones of Africa. It has a rock climber on the package. It's a great gift for the rock climbing coffee drinker.
  • Other Kicking Horse medium coffee roasts include: Fair Trade Organic Pacific Pipeline, Fair Trade Organic Sumatra, Organic Z-Wrangler, Organic Cuban (not avail to US), Organic Kootenay Crossing, Organic Sumatra and Organic Timor.
Kicking Horse Dark Roasts :
  • 454 Horse Power. seriously dark roasted coffee. It is roasted to 454 F degrees and weighs 454 grams ( 1 pound). 454 Horse Power it has a picture of a horse on the packaging.
  • Organic Decaf. Removing 97-99 % of caffeine using the Swiss water decaffeinated process. It really does taste like the real thing and has to be my favorite decaf.
  • Other Kicking Horse dark coffee roasts include: Organic Decaf Cliffhanger Espresso, Organic Grizzly Claw, Organic Kick Ass.


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