27 August 2008

Gloria Jeans coffee is the largest coffee retailer with stores in every Australian State. Gloria Jeans coffee has about 300 stores worldwide including the US.

The Gloria Jean brand started in a small shop in Long Grove, Illinois, in 1979, by Gloria Jean. Gloria Jean sold the business in 1993 and after surviving breast cancer wrote a spiritual book called, Journey of Prayer.

In early 1998, Gloria Jean's Coffees franchised its first store and within six years had opened 185 stores - all locally owned and operated by more than 100 franchisees. In 2003, they opened a franchise in Darwin meaning that the brand was now established in every state and territory.

The company which oversees Gloria Jean’s Coffees in the United States is Diedrich Coffee.

Premium & Estate Grown Coffee
More consistent in character and quality, an estate coffee is a coffee that has been grown and processed on a single farm or estate. Near perfect growing conditions and obsessive preparation contributeto the coffee being of "estate" calibre.
  • Bena Bena Organic. Dark Roast. Sweet, full-bodied flavour and fruity finish. An estate coffee from Papua New Guinea.
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain. Spicy aroma with smooth sweet flavor. It retails for about $49.99 a pound.
  • HueHuetenango. Lingering after-taste with intense aroma, bright acidity and sweet fruit flavor. It costs about $12 a pound.
  • Other Premium & Estate Grown Coffees : Hawaiian Gold, Cafe Del Sol, Hawaiian Kona 100 % and Panama Estate.
Light to Medium Coffees
Origins and blends which have been carefully roasted to maximise their potential. Ideally suited for coffee lovers who appreciate the more complex notes of different coffees.
  • Authentic Mocha Java. Medium full body, nutty aroma that has a syrupy finish. This is the world's oldest and most famous blend created when Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java were the only coffees in existence. It is very gratifying for our coffee buyers to finally locate an authentic Yemen Mocha that meets our stringent quality standards. Winey, light Authentic Mocha Java, creating a blend that must be tasted to be believed.
  • Sumatra. Lingering finish, full bodied and a rich, mellow taste. It's a bit pricy, but worth the cost at about $72 for 5 lbs.
  • Condesa de Costa Rica. A clean finish, floral aroma and intense sweet flavor. It's about $67 for 5 lbs.
  • Other Premium and Estate grown coffee: Authentic Mocha Java, Columbian Supremo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Gloria Jeans Special Blend, Guatemala La Gloria, Kenya AA, Pacific Peaberry and Royal Zimbabwe. The coffees all range in price and pounds available.
Dark Roast Coffees
  • French Breakfast Blend. Rich flavour, caramelly aroma and smooth finish. It is the skilful combination of two different roasts.
  • Gloria Jeans Black Gold. Lingering finish, smoky flavor and medium body.
  • Sumatra Dark. Low acidity, full body, smooth and bittersweet in aroma.
  • Other Dark Roasts: French Breakfast Blend, French Roast and Paradiso Blend Dark.
Gloria Jean's uses the Mountain Water Process, an all-natural decaffeination method which uses only pure water from the glaciers on the highest mountain in Mexico, and is 100% chemical free.
This is a unique patented process which preserves the rich flavour of our coffees.
  • Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated. A balanced, vibrant and satisfying coffee with a very rich aroma. A slight taste of caramel.
  • Other Decaffeinated coffee : French Vanilla Supreme, GJ’s Special Espresso Blend, and Hazelnut
Flavoured Coffees
For the adventurous! Only Rainforest Alliance Certified Nicaraguan beans are used in Gloria Jean's range of flavoured coffees. These coffees are often enjoyed with milk and sugar.
  • Blueberry morning
  • Butter Toffee
  • Caramel nut
  • Chocolate macadamia nut
  • Cinnamon nut strudel
  • Mudslide
  • etc
Gloria Jeans also has coffee for the coffee pod systems, teas, a variety of decaf flavored coffee using the Swiss Water method, coffee mugs and tumblers, coffee grinders and canisters.
Gloria Jeans everyday coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means it has to have a minimum 30 % of the RAC coffee, which has a similar program to Fair Trade Coffee.


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