27 August 2008

Gevalia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods, is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. It is located in Gävle (Gevalia in Latin). Gevalia was introduced in 1920 in Sweden by the trading company Victor Theodore Engwall & Co. After 120 years as a family company it was sold in 1971 to Kraft Foods.

Gevalia produces 40,000 metric tons of coffee every year. Most of it is sold in Sweden, Denmark and in the Baltic area, but some is exported to America. Gevalia has 30 varieties of coffee and 13 varieties of tea on its roster. The majority of these coffees are Arabica blends, using beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Gevalia Kaffe is composed of up to 6 different varieties of these Arabica beans as well as high-quality Brazilian beans, which creates a balanced acidity for a complex and poignant flavor.

Its coffee is packaged right after roasting and it comes in a vacuum-sealed package for freshness. Gevalia coffee has a catalog where you can order, not only coffee, but gifts, tableware, treats, gift baskets and coffee pods.

Gevalia Kaffe has its roots in Europe; built on fine craftsmanship and tradition, about 140 years ago. In the US, Gevalia is located in Clifton, New Jersey.

Gevalia obtains coffee from small and large farms and say it is committed to the environmental and economic challenges, however, they do not sell Fair Trade coffee. They do buy premium beans and pay a premium, and partner with an international coffee organization to raise standards for coffee, living conditions and the environment. Gevalia also gives to the social needs of the less fortunate including medical aid, food and education.
Gevalia Kaffee features the following coffees :

Ground coffee :
  • Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
  • Gevalia Original Coffee
  • Peruvian Coffee
  • Gevalia Signature Blend
  • Gevalia Dark Roast
  • French Vanilla Coffee
  • Irish Cream Coffee
  • Cinnamon Coffee
  • Vanilla Nut Coffee
  • Mocha Coffee
  • Pecan Torte Decaf
  • Decaf Columbian
  • Decaf Espresso
  • Hazelnut Coffee
  • Gevalia Breakfast Blend
  • Antigua Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee :
  • Cafe de Oriente
  • Decaf Mocha
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Kenyan Coffee
  • Decaf Light Roast Coffee
You can join a mail order coffee program and choose from over 38 Gevalia coffee & tea products. There is no commitment or no minimum, but you should be aware Gevalia will send you four ½ pound packages about once a month after your first order; if you do not cancel. Gevalia will send free samples if you join the program, from time to time, and it also has special offers.


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