27 August 2008

A major key to excellent coffee is freshness. Oxygen is the staling agent for coffee, so in order to maintain standards of freshness, package all of our coffee beans in one-way valve bags immediately after they are removed from the roaster. By using the valve-bags, the beans remain as fresh as the day they were roasted for up to6 months.

Hints for storing coffee at home
  • Storee unused coffee fresh in airtight containers in a cool and dry place. Glass is good because it doesn't retain odours or oils from previous usage. Otherwise a plastic snap-lock bag with the air squeezed out is ideal.
  • Keep coffee away from the following :
    • Extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold)
    • Light
    • Moisture
    • Strong odours (coffee attracts and absorbs foreign odours)
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate coffee.
  • Purchase your beans fresh and use them within two weeks for peak taste.
  • Purchase coffee weekly and then grind the beans immediately before brewing because ground coffee rapidly loses its flavour, no matter how it is stored. Whole beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee. However, it is recommended that coffee be ground nearest to the time of brewing. Be sure that the coffee is fresh at the start.


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