28 June 2008

If you want to leave the house, but still want to take your favourite coffee beside you, go get a travel mugs. There are many kinds of travel mugs, . I prefer the thumb slide lid. It is easy, spills are unlikely and it keeps the heat in my stainless steel, vacuum mug.

Travel Mugs
  • Plastic dollar store travel mug varieties, which dont keep the coffee warm.
  • Thermal stainless steel travel mug varieties.
  • Some travel mugs have handles, some do not.
  • Some fit into your car cup holder, others do not.
  • Travel mugs also can have a bright polycarb (plastic) outside in a rainbow of colors.
  • You can even design your own logo and get custom coffee travel mugs made.
  • Some hold enough for one cup and others can handle two or more.


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