25 June 2008

EspressoPreparation of espresso requires an espresso machine, whether its manual or modern espresso machine..
  1. Get hold of some dark roasted espresso beans. Oily-looking is the choice bean here. Use the darkest of the espresso coffee beans. Traditional Italian Style
  2. You want to grind these espresso beans until they are very fine.
  3. Pack the grinds into the group (handle) of the espresso machine.
  4. Place your cup/s under the group. If your machine is modern just turned on your espresso machine. And add some hot water. If its manual, pulling down a handle attached to a spring-loaded piston, forcing hot water through the coffee at the requisite pressure. You should see a hazel brown crema appear at the surface of the coffee when its finished.
    Note : For a shot of espresso, require 7 to 10 grams (50-90ml water) and for a double shot or 12 to 18 grams of ground coffee
  5. Freshly brewed espresso must be served or mixed into other coffee beverages immediately, or it will begin to degrade due to cooling and oxidation. Temperature and time of consumption are important variables that must be observed to enjoy an ideal espresso; it should be consumed within 2 minutes from when it is served.
  6. Now all you have to do is enjoy your Espresso!!!


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