28 June 2008

Coffee UrnsA coffee urn is a coffee maker which can make enough coffee to feed a group people (more then 25 persons). You always see them at bazzar, church socials activity, office and other places. You must serve it right away because most coffee urn machines are still boiling the water making the coffee taste faulty, sour and burnt.

Coffee urns generally are filled with water, a huge strainer-type filter is placed on a pole (pole is hollow and runs from center of the base) at the top. The water heats and is either sucked up the pole or boils over the filter and mixed together (with the filter holding in grounds).

Things need to be concerned when purchasing a coffee urn :
  • Coffee urns can come anywhere from 25 cups to 60 cups. Remember, generally more you make take a long time to brew.
  • Ensure there is an on/off switch on the front of the coffee urn. Some do not have switches at all and the urn itself is so large that getting to the outlet, when it is full of water, can be daunting.
  • out. If you have a hose it may be better to spray the heck out of it.
  • Always put the lid on, most machines will not work without the lid, some older machines will spray everywhere. Coffee urns still require the same amount of coffee. If you are using the small office coffee or restaurant coffee packages ensure you throw in one extra packet. The coffee grounds do not always saturate evenly.
  • The coffee urn is hard to clean and will not fit in an average sink to rinse.
  • Always brew your coffee about ½ an hour before you would like to serve it. It takes a long time and doing it too far ahead of time will burn it and make it taste awful.


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