28 June 2008

Coffee MugsMillions of coffee mugs everywhere and all seem exceedingly unique and cute. I have loads of coffee mugs at my house. I think we all have an overabundance of coffee mugs. Some people have lots of coffee mugs for collection, sometimes the shape, the color, or the ornament is unique and different from the ordinary coffee mug.

You may wonder, where do coffee mugs originate from? Well, ever heard the Beaker People? The Beaker people loved their mugs, so much that they were buried with them as prestige items. So, who were these Beaker People? If youre thinking about the Muppets you are completely off base by thousands of years.

It began in Bronze Age Europe, 2500 BC 700 BC. A Beaker burial is a single crouched inhumation, found in a bowl-shaped or bell-shaped mound-type grave, with prestige goods like a highly decorated pot, called a beaker. As, the Bronze Age People began farming, and did not travel like the hunter-gatherers by the preceding Neolithic People, Archaeologists have regionalized the beakers by its distinctive markings, since the same patterns were usually found in proximity to one another. Beakers were characteristically bell-shaped with trendy markings for its era, like rope markings, braided markings and a series of cross-hatching.

Other items of prestige buried with the inhumations in a beaker grave include: flint arrowheads, bronze daggers, copper daggers, awls, basket-shaped earrings and discs of gold, barbed and tanged arrowheads, stone bracers, battle axes and shale conical buttons etc. The point is nowadays a coffee mug is something we dont really think of, I think we still have our prestigious favorites, but I would never want to be buried with mine.


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