28 June 2008

Coffee CarafesCoffee carafes maintain hot or cold beverages at the desired temperature longer. There are thermal carafes and glass carafes, which come with your coffee maker; they are sometimes called coffee pots or thermos, and flasks in the UK, which should be airtight to disallow spills. Then theres coffee carafes, which are insulated and most have a button to squeeze and pour. The benefit to thermos and the latter coffee carafe method is you can decant the coffee right after its brewed and the coffee does not cool right away, nor does the coffee burn.

Thermal Coffee Carafes :
  • I have experience when I used carafe and I have one major piece of advice. Do not add your cream or milk into the carafe. It is hard to get the sludge out around the top of the inner lip. Plus, the cream/milk is heavier and will separate in the coffee carafe. What I do is use a second carafe and put the cream in there to stay cool.
  • Do not take the carafes in the car. Some are not leak-proof and have to be upright at all times. If you are going somewhere take a travel mug or thermos.
  • Get one the size that you will use, and measure it how many cups for a carafe you used to make.
  • The stainless steel is safe for all beverages and for refrigeration.
Replacement Coffee Carafes for your coffee maker :
  • Make sure you have the right make and model before you order a new coffee carafe. Some brands have over 15 models and the carafes may be different sizes.
  • See if you can order two at a time for a reduced cost.
  • Check prices online by clicking the links above.


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